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Monday, February 29, 2016

Lend a Hand of Friendship with Lush Cosmetics! #DayItForward @lushcosmetics

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap on shopalicious.com

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap on shopalicious.com
Today is Monday, February 29th – a day we won't see again for another four years! We could earn a four-year degree in the time that will pass before we see a Leap Year again... but I digress...
What I really want to share is this lushious, gorgeous product from LUSH Cosmetics! This heart-shaped soap in pink/gold has a light, almond scent and is filled with coconut and almond oils. It is a simple luxury that will leave your hands soft and your bathroom sweetly-scented!
Best yet, LUSH is donating 100% of sales of this soap to their Friendship Fund, which will offer help to refugees arriving in North America. Hand of Friendship soaps are $5.95 each from LUSH Cosmetics.

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