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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Go Ghana Girls, a mission to send two Ghanian girls to college!

Photo by Tatiana Reis, Go Ghana Girls!
A few weeks ago, my dear friend Tatiana Reis made a trip to Ghana as part of her graduate studies in social work. While doing her work, she met two amazing girls named Grace and Susan.

She was so impressed with these girls and their dignity and desire to seek an education. Only 3% of girls in Ghana actually make it past secondary school; instead they are encouraged to get married very young. Grace wants to be a nurse, and Susan wants to be a teacher.

My friend Tatiana is determined to send them to a 4-year university to receive their degrees.

This is an incredible feat. She has six weeks to raise $18,000 which will pay for 4 years of university for these two girls in Ghana, Africa. Please join and donate to this amazing cause. It's truly going to change the destiny of these two girls and hopefully more to come! Please read Tatiana's story and consider a donation.

Thank you. With warmest affection,



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