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Monday, April 29, 2013

Jammin' for jellies @Forever21 @julessmithjewel and @DSWShoeLovers!

Jammin' for jellies @Forever21 @julessmithjewel and @DSWShoeLovers! featured on shopalicious.com

Squishy soft jelly plastic leaped to popularity in the '90s but it's having a moment yet again! Get splashed by the pool and party on... Grab this zingy crossbody bag for strolls on the boardwalk, and layer up these edgy bracelets by designer Jules Smith. Strappy sandals don't always equal comfort, but these Mel for Forever 21 Mini Wedge Sandals are sooooo comfy and bouncy, you'll be striding tall all summer long! Here are links to purchase, all under $30.00!
Poppie Jones Crossbody Bag at DSW for $19.95;
Jules Smith Wrapped Up Tube Jellies Bracelets $29.00;
Mel for Forever 21 GeoMini Wedge Sandals $22.80.

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