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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Perfect Starter Bikini: Jantzen Swimsuit Heritage Ruffled Bikini from TheFind!

I’ve never worn a bikini. Even before I had my son, six years ago, and my body was perfectly slamming. Honestly, I just never had the confidence to go bare belly and sexify a two piece like any other normal California-born girl. But despite everything, as I am getting older, I’m craving the bikini option more and more. After all, I better do it now before things start sagging and going further south, no? So, what’s a good find for those of us that are body conscious and beginners at the whole bikini set style? The Jantzen Swimsuit Heritage Ruffled Bikini. Just enough skin, and just enough coverage, to ease into a two piece situation without feeling completely X-rated or scarring onlookers for life. Its ruffled accent hits right above the hip bone to keep as much of the tummy in and the top can be adjusted to be worn as a bandeau or halter top. Plus, the added touch of a retro red appeal will help one feel more Old Hollywood glam instead of modern day Hollywood train wreck.

- Mira Torres
submitted by our friends at TheFind