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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dogeared Jewelry's New Midseason Zodiac Collection from TheFind!

Even if you're not into astrology or don't take those silly love and style horoscopes you read in the magazines to heart (if you can tell, I'm quite the skeptic myself), these adorable Dogeared necklaces are about to make you a believer! Dogeared jewelry, known for their cute, quirky charms and pendants, have just released a new midseason Zodiac Collection in addition to their summer "Life's a Beach" line, and I have to say, even as someone who doesn't typically look to the stars for advice, I'm sold! With the choice of either gold or silver-dipped, you can rock your sign subtly but sweetly (or maybe someone else's -- the Aquarius one is my personal favorite!). Whether you're a Virgo and proud, or maybe you just found out that you're technically a Libra now (or whatever all that sign-switching chaos was about last year), these necklaces are worth tapping into your spiritual side for the sake of summer accessorizing! And you don't need the planet's alignment to send you vibes that these delicate charms are an adorable addition to your jewelry collection!

- Alex Gambardella
submitted by our friends at TheFind