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Friday, April 8, 2011

Convertible Trench Coat from TheFind!

Is there anything better than clothes that work three times as hard as the rest of them? Well, when I was leisurely reading through the latest issue of Oprah Magazine a certain coat caught my eye. A brilliant new take on an old classic, it was the latest in “recessionista-ready” fashions: The Convertible Trench Coat. Not only is the trench coat itself incomparable when it comes to keeping comfy in crazy weather conditions and transitions, the latest convertible trench coat even lets you change your style by means of your mood with a mere twist of two buttons. The convertible trench coat turns from a trench, to a safari-ready vest, and then easily into a spring-ready bolero.

It seems that a lot of companies have caught wind of the concept. Elizabeth and James, Tommy Hilfiger, and Opening Ceremony have created their own rendition of the hottest invention. An even more amazing find is AVON! AVON has created their own Convertible Trench Jacket to rival designers and with an extremely competitive price at $39.99. Let us know, would you splurge on this creative trend or settle for a steal?

- Mira Torres
submitted by our friends at TheFind

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