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Monday, March 7, 2011

SENDRA boots: Classic Country Boots with Kick from TheFind!

If you are looking for footwear that will give you the most for your money, complete comfort, and versatile style, then a loyal pair of cowboy boots may be your best choice. Skip learning how to ride a horse, twirl a lasso, or dodge a barrage of bullets. Instead rock this classic look and due to its timeless appeal, the cowboy boot trend has been adapted in so many ways and by so many brands that finding a pair is as easy as firing a pistol’s first round. But, even though finding a pair is easy, picking the perfect pair for you is a whole other narrative. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably more of an Urban Fashionista rather than a bonafide Bandit. But just because your location is among city streets that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop for cowboy boots that are ready to take you alongside country roads. Get ready to stomp in these cowgirl-approved SENDRA Boots. SENDRA’s signature cowboy boots have been around for awhile. Not just years or decades… Try centuries! One of the world’s leading boot makers, their family-run business has carved their way through history, creating footwear catered with country-style appeal for generations. Here are two SENDRA boot picks perfect for doodling around downtown.

Fashionably Distressed: The Leone Triple Buckle Boot, exclusively sold at Free People, is available in black suede or brown leather. It has an old world feel with a new age touch thanks to its triple buckle detailing and rounded toe.

Detailed and Darling: The Gunslinger Boot is able to bring a million little details together to create the most unique and entirely darling stacked heel. A zipper, tie front closure, grommet detailing, and rubber trim make this the perfect boot to show off every facet of style.

- Mira Torres
-submitted by our friends at TheFind!