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Saturday, March 19, 2011

OPI Teams Up with Disney For a Pirates of the Caribbean Collection from TheFind!

Argh, beauty maven matey! The latest in OPI's themed collections partners up with Disney just in time for the May release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The limited-edition collection features six shades, ranging from khaki to lilac, plus a special silver Shatter shade to add some edge to the otherwise demure lacquers. If you ask me, the pastel-heavy collection is much more reminiscent of Easter eggs than anything I'd associate with Pirates of the Caribbean. Sure, the sea foam is ocean-inspired, but I expected darker hues like a Jack Sparrow inspired red, charcoal, or maybe even navy in honor of the murky sea waters of the film's "Stranger Tides." However, aside from the perhaps confusing theme, I do love the shades, especially the glossy pale pink, Sparrow Me The Drama, and the creamy sandy-sage, Stranger Tides... I just wish the colors actually matched the clever names! If you're feelin' these pastel "Pirates" hues, watch out for them when they arrive in stores in May!

- Alex Gambardella
-submitted by our friends at TheFind!