"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's treat: $10 manicure at Le Chic Nail Spa in NYC!

If you looking for a little Valentine's treat, head over to Le Chic Nail Spa in NYC's Lower East Side for a $10 manicure! I was recently at Economy Candy (an incredibly SWEET place), and as I left and walked down the block, a friendly face waved and smiled. Before I knew it, I was inside, enjoying a manicure in their spotlessly clean salon. The proprietress did my manicure with freshly-sterilized tools out of a sealed bag, and as she deftly tamed my ragged cuticles, I enjoyed the decor: utilitarian, but easy on the eyes, with good lighting and soothing periwinkle blue walls. While my nails were drying, she gave me a mini shoulder massage (a welcome treat after lugging around a heavy bag), and offered me cookies and tea. She invited me to come back and try their pedicure, which I'll definitely do, once we're able to show our toes in sandals! All in all, their prices are great and service is efficient and friendly. Plus, they'll give you a card to fill out each time you come, and you'll get the 10th treatment free, just like your coffee! So here's the scoop: Le Chic Nail Spa, 128 Rivington St., NY NY 10002. tel: 212 995-2288

Here's a list of their services:
Basic manicure: $10.00
Pedicure: $20.00
Basic bikini wax: $15.00
Brazilian wax: $40.00
Chair massage: 10 mins. - $10.00
20 mins. - $20.00
60 mins. - $50.00