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Monday, September 6, 2010

Recessionistas Rejoice! Aldo Launches Line Of Real Leather Bags! from TheFind

In the past couple of years, Aldo has really stepped things up in the style spectrum, becoming one of the leading names in affordable yet fashion-forward footwear. Sure, they were always a shopping mall staple, but nowadays I'm blown away with the brand's more elevated overall feel and increasingly edgy looks. Lately, the brand is revamping their image even further, first by recruiting a high-fashion face with Jessica Stam's fun and energetic campaigns, and now... real leather bags?!

No joke -- despite being known for their faux leather shoes and accessories (and corresponding low price point), Aldo is getting real this season for a new upcoming line of leather bags. Slightly worn for a softer look and feel, the coming-soon line features roomy hobos and cross-bodies for both the school and work crowd and the avid club-goer. Of course, for real leather, the collection will be pricier than their usual faux leather fare (at $110-180), but if their recent amped-up designs are any indication, these new bags will be worth the extra dough!
- Alex Gambardella
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