"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Monday, March 29, 2010

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara hits stores in April!

CoverGirl is about to launch a new mascara that promises to plump your lashes and extend their length, all in one! I tried out a sample of this LashBlast Fusion mascara on my Very Paltry Lashes, and though I didn't end up with super-model lashes, I was pleased with the results. The oversized wand seemed counter-intuitive, but it did make it strangely easier to get at those fine lashes, especially at the corners of my eyes. (A note to the product designers: the very fat blue container is nice to look at, and will likely stand out in the store, but it was a little tricky to open, since it's smooth plastic and my hands are very dry. Maybe a little "grippier" next time!) The mascara goes on very smoothly, and it did give my lashes a subtle "fanning" effect without too much effort (or skill) on my part. I also like the fact that the mascara has no discernible scent, and no flaking even after a long day of wear. So give it a whirl: you'll see it in a drugstore near you in April retialing for around $8.99. If you'd like to order a pre-sale sample to try, visit CoverGirl's Facebook page to sign up.