"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashion inspiration gets Real Simple!

Real Simple for some fashion inspiration! featured on Shopalicious.comFeeling a little overwhelmed after a busy week and in dire need of some "magazine veg-out time", I put aside my usual fashion magazines and reached for a copy of Real Simple instead. Tucked away between nifty home organization tips and super-healthy recipes, I was pleasantly surprised to find some nuggets of fashion inspiration! A section of Spring Trends featured two fantastic floral dresses for under $100, then in the Trends Worth Trying, I was left hankering after a very delectable Gryphon motorcycle jacket (pictured at left). Intrigued, and being the web animal that I am, I had to check out Real Simple's website, where I discovered Destined to Be a Classic: Motorcycle Jackets. They've displayed a nice range of styles, from Helmut Lang to American Eagle Outfitters, to fit every budget. Who knew? If you're interested in receiving a free preview issue of Real Simple magazine, click here.