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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

iPhone-friendly gloves from Etre Touchy!

iPhone-friendly gloves from Etre Touchy! featured on Shopalicious.comYou know the scenario: iPhone rings as you're sauntering along, all bundled up, and in your hurry to pull off your gloves, your iPhone goes flying out of your hands, hits the pavement -- and you miss the call. No more. Etre Touchy has launched a line of gloves which are fingerless for only your thumb and forefinger, allowing you to use your iPhone, camera or any other electronic gadget easily, while keeping the rest of your hands and fingers toasty warm! Made of new lambswool, you can choose from charcoal with turquoise trim, grey with rose trim, black with charcoal trim, or chocolate with mint stripes. They're $32.31 from Etre Touchy.