"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Sunday, November 22, 2009

HeatTech thermal knitwear from Uniqlo!

I always think of Uniqlo as a Japanese version of the Gap, with some nicely-priced basics, and some high style at a budget-friendly price (like their recent collaboration with Jil Sander, a line called +J). Since I'm in a bit of a leggings-with-flat-boots-phase, I decided I needed some leggings that were very black, very stretchy, and warm-- without being thick and bulky. So, I strolled over to the Uniqlo in SoHo to check out their line of HeatTech thermal knitwear, and ended up getting a pair of black leggings at a great price: 2 pairs for $24.00! Turns out, they are indeed all that they're chalked up to be, using some process of absorbing body moisture to generate heat. Despite being 100% synthetic, the leggings are very soft and comfortable. All the pieces in the line are great for layering, and come in an array of zing-y colors.

Heattech Turtle Neck $12.90
Heattech 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck T-shirt $12.90
Heattech Leggings $12.90

If you order on the Uniqlo website, get free shipping! The Free Shipping Offer (equiv. US$9.90) is available on qualifying purchases made when you pay with PayPal. Offer available from November 20, 2009 until December 24, 2009, or as long as the UNIQLO website indicates that the promotion is available, whichever occurs first.