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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gloRoyal lip crayons from GloMinerals

gloRoyal lip crayons from GloMinerals featured on Shopalicious.com
It always seems unlikely that anything glossy could come out of a crayon, which immediately brings to mind a waxy, not-so-shiny finish. But along comes this gloRoyal Lip Crayon to defy my expectatons! These sharpenable crayons expertly apply a sheer, slightly shimmery color, in a gel-like texture which slides right onto your lips imparting a moisturizing, glossy shine with no sticky finish, or flavor. GloMinerals uses natural, high pigment minerals in a plant-derived formula including antioxidants and UV defense, so no need to worry about ingesting gobs of mineral oils and parabens found in so many other brands of cosmetics! So pick your shade, and stash one in your purse for on-the-go convenience! The gloRoyal lip pencils are $16.00 each from glo Skincare.