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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream from LuckyVitamin!

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Ceam from LuckyVitamin! featured on Shopalicious.comOn a recent (and rare!) evening out in the NYC's Meatpacking District, I whipped out my ID to show the burly bouncer of a popular place where people were making their way up to a roof deck with sweet city views. He glanced at the ID, then raised his eyebrows and looked over at me and said "You look good, maaaan!" Now, I'm not going to disclose my age, but I have to guess I was at least a good decade older than any of his patrons that night. Eeek! Nonetheless, I'll take it as a compliment and assume that my eye cream is actually doing it's job. That said nightcream is Avalon Organics' Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream, a luxuriously thick cream smelling faintly of oranges, which sinks right into the eye area, leaving no greasy residue -- very important for a contact lens wearer like me -- and resulting in no fine lines at all! Bouncers, beware! All-natural, and antioxidant-rich, it's $14.32 for 1 fl. oz from LuckyVitamin. Check out Avalon Organics entire line of antioxidant-rich skincare formulated especially to fight the aging effects of the sun.