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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hibiscus hook earrings from Page Sargisson

Hibiscus hook earrings from Page Sargisson featured on Shopalicious.comHaving grown up in the tropics, I hold the hibiscus motif near and dear to my heart! Its appearance on anything -- coasters, tablecloths, even touristy T-shirts -- gives me a flash of nostalgia. But admittedly, these hibiscus cutout earrings by Page Sargisson are pretty cool! Slip them on with your oversize shades to give a simple sundress a bit of tropical flair. Page Sargisson Hibiscus Hook earrings, sterling silver earrings and wires, $145.00; 10KT gold earrings and wires, $360.00 from Page Sargisson.