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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's coupon from Scentiments!

April Fool's coupon from Scentiments! featured on Shopalicious.comIncredible News! Scentiments, the leading online seller of discounted perfume and cologne has developed the ability for consumers to Scratch n' Sniff their computer screens to smell a fragranc!. Their Chief Technology office Itza Yoke explains, "We have been able to digitize a scent. With a LCD screen and a broadband connection you can experience this incredible technology. Due to pending patents we cannot get into details, but we were able to synthesize the liquid crystal in the display screen to give off the aroma". For details visit Scentiments; since they are still in testing, they will only be offering this for one week only. Scentiments.com is offering 5% off your order to try this amazing technology! Just enter coupon code gotcha09, until 4/7!