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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marquis & Camus sample sale at Ideeli, 3/3!

Marquis & Camus sample sale at Ideeli, 3/3! featured on Shopalicious.comSometimes you have to look to the past for clues about the future, and when you get really lucky, you find treasures from yesterday that become part of who you are today. Enter Marquis & Camus, a jewelry collection that masterfully remixes vintage pieces with the finest modern materials to create a whole new take on timeless couture.This Ideeli sample sale is scheduled to start on Tuesday, March 3 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours, or until it sells out. Prices Start at $69, save up to 72% off! If you'd like to join Ideeli, here's a special invitation for Shopalicious readers, just use invite code shopgirl.