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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing Nvey Eco Certified Organic Lip Care!

Introducing Nvey Eco Certified Organic Lip Care! featured on Shopalicious.comEvery time I slather on some gloss or chapstick, I wonder how many pounds of this stuff I'll ingest over a lifetime. Not a pretty thought, but it does compel me to seek out organic brands, like Australian-based Nvey Eco. Debuting here in the US in 2006, they've just launched their 100% Certified Organic Lip Care line, which I had the happy chance to sample. Take note, this is no "earthy crunchy" affair as far as presentation is concerned; these products are slickly packaged and can hold their own next to even the heavyweights like Chanel. First step, daub on some of the Organic Lip Exfoliator ($38.00), a glossy gel, and rub your lips with a warm washcloth. Voila! Your smooth, shiny lips are ready for an application of the Certified Organic Lip Plumper ($40.00). This light gel smells like cinnamon and gives your lips a slight stinging sensation, not unlike the feeling of a little Tabasco sauce touching your lips. Left on overnight, you'll have subtly fuller lips in the morning, ready for a soothing application of the Certified Organic Lip Treatment ($36.00). Applied with your finger, this odorless balm melts on contact with your lips into a slightly glossy and very soothing base, leaving your lips perfectly moisturized, plumped, and with a nice sheen. A healthy indulgence, indeed! The entire Nvey Eco Certified Organic Lip Care line is available on their website.