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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Luxurious, organic skincare from International Orange

International Orange BALANCE Deodorant 4oz featured on Shopalicious.comInternational Orange RESTORE Hair Wash 8oz featured on Shopalicious.comInternational Orange NOURISH Hair Cream 8oz featured on Shopalicious.comDo not let the low-key, apothecary style packaging fool you, these products by San Francisco-based International Orange are skin luxuries, indeed! Using natural, organic ingredients, and free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives, you'll leave your very own bathroom feeling as if you've had a spa treatment at the Four Seasons! My particular favourites are the Balance deodorant, $38.00, Restore Hair Wash, $38.00, and the Nourish Hair Cream, $44.00. Havin sworn off chemical-laden drugstore brands, I'm a huge fan of these fabulous-smelling, all natural formulas. The deodorant is light and fresh, infused with lavender flower, echinacea root, and comfrey leaf -- I'm inclined to spritz it all over! The hair wash -- with bergamot, geranium and seaweed extract -- lathers up so well that you only need a small daub to shampoo your hair, and my color-treated hair suffered no ill effect at all, and was left fragrant, soft, and conditioned after a rinse with the hair cream. So, save your money on the Four Seasons and spring for these little luxuries instead, that you can enjoy over and over!