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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

B.O.W. - Best of the Web Weekly Roundup

Welcome to B.O.W. -- the Best Of the Web in a weekly roundup of posts from fine blogs and sites featuring fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parenting and much more. Enjoy!

Couture in the City - Our Grand Finale Handbag Giveaway! From Elliott Lucca of New York!
Hello there you fashionistas! Well we have finally made it! This is the grand finale of our Elliott Lucca handbag giveaways for the month of June. Couture would also like to thank Elliott Lucca for their generous contribution!
How to Beat the Bites
Natural ways to manage mosquito madness through diet, repellent, and healing remedies.
Moms Buzz: Bee and Wasp Stings - What to Do
Although, in general, bug bites and stings may bring momentary alarm, temporary discomfort and pain, they do not bring any serious or lasting health problems; however, bee and wasp stings can cause allergic reactions that can be serious, even fatal, occasionally. Learn what to do when stung by a bee or wasp.
Stylenotes: The Stable Wardrobe Item -- the Skirt
Buying the perfect skirt is easy with our list of classic skirt silhouettes and our picks for the best of each style.