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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boutique Bio: Korres Natural Products

Brooklyn Korres store featured on shopalicious.comFor over a year, this little storefront on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights remained vacant, with an intriguing sign "Korres Natural Products -- coming soon!". Amazingly, Korres started as a homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, and has now grown into a global brand sold in leading department stores and twelve stand-alone stores in thirty countries. Finally, the Greek skincare company unveiled this slick storefront, reminiscent of a mini-Sephora with shiny black marble and glass everywhere. This little outpost is jam-packed with fantastic-smelling, all natural products for hair, skin and sun, as well as an herbal pharmacy range. Naturally, I was intrigued and wandered in to sample their wares. Every display conveniently has a tester sample, so you can smell and touch all you want! Ten minutes later, with the help of a friendly salesdude, I'd located the perfect remedy for my inexplicably dry hair: Juniper and Olive Tree Shampoo For Normal and Dry Hair. It smelled just divine (a nice herbal, unisex fragrance), with a thick, luxurious consistency that allows for you to use just a dime-sized amount (great, since this 8oz bottle cost $19.00!). As a complement, I also purchased Acacia Milk Conditioner For Dry Hair, along with the Almond Proteins Leave-on Conditioner. Now, I dropped close to sixty bucks in this store, but several shampooings later, I can attest to the fact that my hair is indeed moisturized with no more of those fuzzy-looking dry ends! The leave-in conditioner is especially fantastic; three spritzes detangles and smooths the hair shafts so that a comb can run right through.
Now for my recession-buster advice: keep these divine products on your top shelf, and interchange with your favourite drugstore organic hair care, using the Korres luxuries every third shampooing or so. Not only can you stretch your investment, but you won't be so upset at the boyfriend or hubby when he indulges in your stash! If there's not a Korres store near you, here's your online source: Juniper and Olive Tree Shampoo, $18.00; Acacia milk conditioner, $19.00, and Almond Proteins Leave-on Conditioner, $19.50, all from Sephora.