"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day: Eco chic fashion under $100!

Since last Earth Day, I've really tried to become more eco-conscious and make a few necessary changes. Switching to bio-degradable trash bags and household soaps, replacing the light bulbs, and using a re-useable grocery tote are just a few small things I'm doing around the house. I'm also slowly replacing all my makeup and skincare products with those that are organic and all natural. However, I always hit my stumbling block when it comes to fashion! The lure of fast, cheap, fashion just sucks me in every time, despite my best efforts. So, this Earth Day I'm setting myself a goal for the coming year to get more in touch with eco friendly fashion. Find the online boutiques, get familiar with the brands, and start paying attention. That said, here are some pretty chic finds that are soft on the earth, high on style and won't break your budget! Enjoy!

1. Ecoist handbag from Vickerey - $56.00

2. Deep Play Skirt from Green Mountain Organics - sale $24.30

3. Knit Dress from Nature Wear Organics - sale $50.00

4. Park Vogel Tunic from Modify - $46.00

5. Pretty Green Pangea Reusable Bag from Nimli

6. Melissa Desire + Triton red ankle strap sandals from Kaight - $58.00