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Monday, March 3, 2008

Nvey Eco organic makeup from Nvey Eco

featured on Shopalicious.comfeatured on shopalicious.comfeatured on Shopalicious.comWhile browsing the aisles of my local health food store, it has occurred to me that to be truly holistic, my interest in "going organic" should apply to my beauty routine as well. A little online research later, I discovered this Australian brand of organic makeup, Nvey Eco, which has already made a mark for itself internationally. Founded in 1958 in Australia, the line launched in the US in June 2006, and is garnering more and more interest as customers shy away from parabens, mineral oils, animal testing, preservatives, and the like. I've sampled a few of their products, and I'm delighted to find that they really can hold their own against the chemical-laden, upmarket brands with enormous advertising budgets.
The Organic Creme Deluxe Foundation, slickly packaged in a shiny black compact, is a luxurious cream-based foundation which glides on easily with the accompanying makeup sponge. Antioxidant-packed and infused with safflower and jojoba oils, it provided light coverage with a slight yellow undertone (perfect for my olive-y skin); I just had to use my finger to apply a little extra to cover up a few spots. It held up well all day, but being prone to oiliness, I noticed my T-zone was a bit shinier than when I use powder-based foundations. The Organic Powder Blush #952, a versatile brownish/bronze, blends effortlessly and is created from natural earth elements. My favourite item, the Organic Moisturizing Formula Mascara, has a unique dry formula, enriched with Vitamin B5, Nettle and Horsetail herb for strength and conditioning. My lashes are on the short and thin side, and this mascara was super easy to apply. I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for lash lengthening, but as a contact lens wearer, I'm a happy camper if I can find a mascara that thickens without flaking and removes easily with a water-based remover -- and it's organic, to boot! These items are $58.00, $29.00, and $24.00, respectively, from Nvey Eco Organic Makeup.