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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sephora Smokey Eye Kit, compliments of Coutorture

featured on Shopalicious.comI might be the last person in the hemisphere to actually nail the ubiquitous smokey eye technique, but thanks to this nifty kit from Sephora, I did it! Anything in the realm of eye makeup requiring more than a two-second finger dab usually gets ignored by me, but when this swank kit with 5 natural hair brushes, mascara, and easy step-by-step instructions arrived in the mail (thanks, Coutorture!), I could procrastinate no more. With L'Oreal's 904 Smokey Eyes eyeshadow in hand, I spent five minutes following the very easy instructions, applied the mascara, and voila! -- I had smokey eyes indeed. Needless to say, my makeup-averse husband said "I like it!", and I have to admit, I did too. The Smokey Eye Kit is $42.00 from Sephora; the L'Oreal 904 Smokey Eyes is $7.15 from Drugstore.com.