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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double Happiness Chinese Pendant from MyAmberJewelry

featured on Shopalicious.comWith Valentine's Day soon approaching it's no surprise that love might be on your mind. That's where this Double Happiness glass pendant by designer Cecilia Valles comes into the picture. This hand-crafted pendant is based on a traditional Chinese symbol used to help strengthen relationships and marriages. Wearing this will be a silent message of love and loyalty to your significant other whenever they see you. Also, it's very, very pretty! The nature of this necklace has a look that will allow you to wear it with your most casual jeans and T-shirt look, as well as some of your dressier ensembles. It's $25.00, regularly $45.00, from Myamberjewelry.com. Thanks to guest writer, Jessica Stockdale, of Found4less.com for this submission!