"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Win Take the Cake "It's A Slice" Trio, a $46 value!

To enter today's contest:

-Visit 3 Splendid Member blogs, post a comment on their latest post that is not a contest post. Read the post, and make it a real comment about the post.
You can also view the Splendicity member list right at the homepage: Splendicity.com.
-Go back to Splendicity.com and report the Splendid Member blogs that you commented on in today’s Splendicity blog contest post.

All readers that complete the process are entered into the drawing to win today's prize.

Today's prize: Take the Cake "It's A Slice" Trio, with a retail value of $46

Cake Beauty wants to zest up your morning ritual and leave your entire birthday suit soft, smooth and invigorated.
The It's A Slice collection includes:

It's A Slice Supremely Rich Bath and Shower Froth
It's A Slice Supreme Body Mousse
It's A Slice Creamy Body Buffer

Thank you to Cake Beauty for sponsoring today's contest.