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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Splendicity launches today, contest kickoff!

Shopalicious is a proud member of an exciting new community launching today! Splendicity.com, the destination for splendid style, is kicking off it's launch with a month's worth of contests.

Win an official Splendicity T-Shirt, a one year subscription to VOGUE Magazine, and a $25 Gift Card to shopbop.com, by doing the following:

- Visit 5 Splendid Member blogs (see blogroll, left), post a comment saying hi. You can also view the Splendicity member list right at the Splendicity.com

- Go back to Splendicity.com and report the Splendid Member blogs that you commented on in today’s Splendicity blog contest post.

All readers that complete the process are entered into the drawing to win today's prize. Be sure to check back here each and every day for the rest of September to enter to win some splendid prizes - over $2000 worth!