Friday, May 24, 2013

Clutch-worthy iPad case from Pixie Market! @pixiemarketNYC

Say "quilted" and I think luxe, say silver and I think glam; so what's not to love about this gorgeous iPad case? Slip that puppy into this leather sleeve and carry it like a clutch! Woebegone, and bring on the evening! It's $35.00 at Pixie Market.

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Check Out These TOMS Designed by Charlize Theron! @thefind

Check Out These TOMS Designed by Charlize Theron! @thefind featured on
We already thought Charlize Theron could do no wrong – from her stellar acting skills to her flawless Oscars red carpet style (shaved head and all!) – and now she's partnering up with TOMS to bring her charitable work in Africa to the forefront.

Comfy-chic shoe brand TOMS is known for being charitable – TOMS founder (and Amazing Race alum) Blake Mycoskie gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold. And now TOMS is teaming up with Charlize for her own line of TOMS. The cheery orange-hued flats, dubbed Outreach Classics, help benefit the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, which helps keep African youth safe from HIV/AIDS. Find out more about the organization, and how you can help benefit CTAOP and get your own summer-ready pair of Charlize-designed TOMS, check out the official website here.

 - Alexandra Gambardella @TheFind

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Waxelene trumps Vaseline, now in a convenient flip-top tube! @waxelene

Waxelene trumps Vaseline, now in a convenient flip-top tube! @waxelene featured on

Waxelene renders petroleum jelly-based products null and void, in my book! This creamy, beeswax gel is my go-to beauty product: dab a little on your lips to moisturize cracked lips, or turn you fave lip color into a sheer gloss. Try some on heels and elbows or massage some into your cuticles to look as if you had a manicure the day before. A delicious concoction of Vitamin E, rosemary oil, soybean oil and beeswax gives this creamy gel an infusion of natural goodness. Look for Waxelene at your local Whole Foods, CVS or Anthropologie stores. It's $4.99 per tube.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Nixon's New Time Teller Collection Says It's Time For Dip-Dye!

Nixon's New Time Teller Collection Says It's Time For Dip-Dye! featured on

Nixon has been a stylish go-to when it comes to affordable takes on the latest timepiece trends – from stark whites to bright neons – and the California-based brand's newest Spring/Summer collection is no exception! The Time Teller "Dip-Dye" series takes Nixon's more understated Time Teller style and gives it a cool ombre spin that's perfect for the season ahead, whether you're hitting the beach or just looking to add to your daily stack of arm candy. Available in three different color combinations, designed to mimic the ever-popular dip-dyed look, these watches provide a fun, modern pop of color to any warm-weather ensemble! And like most of Nixon's must-haves, these dip-dyed watches are wallet-friendly too at a reasonable $75 a pop. And if you're one to notice all the little details, you'll love the watch's ombre-toned hands! Check them out in person at your nearest Nixon retailer, or online on the brand's official site. - Alexandra Gambardella via The Find

Edgy, oversize sunglasses $99 from @SEEEYEWEAR!

Edgy, oversize sunglasses $99 from @SEEEYEWEAR! featured on

Before you plunk down $300 for a pair of bling-y, overpriced sunglasses, stop for a minute to ponder your actions. Aren't you after all, going for an edgy, designer look that says "OMG, her sunglasses are so cool, but where did she get them?" Wouldn't you rather indulge you inner hipster and come out with $200 to spend on an outfit as well? If your answers are "yes", then consider these uber-cool sunnies by SEE Sunwear! They go by the credo "Hip without the rip" and indeed they deliver on that. Check out this style, SEE 9240, channelling Jackie O, in an array of lip-smacking Jolly Rancher colors! They're $99.00 from SEE Eyewear.

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