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Monday, December 19, 2016

Oh Santa, put this @mzwallacenyc Metro Tote under the tree for me, pretty please!

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote
If ever there was a time where style and function cross paths, the MZ Wallace Metro Tote is IT. Tote your workaday business stuff around with an air of Chanel-ish chic – that quilted nylon is light, strong and ready for a busy New York City day! It's perfect as a carry-on too, in case your travels take you up in the air. It's $215.00 in a multitude of colors and prints, from MZ Wallace. MZ Wallace is having a sale, up to 60% off, check it out!  Subscribe to Shopalicious! via email.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

5 shades of grey sneakers, all $79 or less! @VANS_66 @PUMA @Keds @SupergaUSA @TOMS


Puma Vikky Women's Sneaker - $44.99
Puma Vikky Women's Sneaker - $44.99

Keds Chillax Ripstop - $45.00
Superga 2750 Cotu Classic
Superga 2750 COTU Classic - $44.98
TOMs Grey Felt Women's Sneakers
TOMs Grey Felt Women's Sneakers - $79.00

Spring has sprung, and it seems that all my eyes want to see are Easter egg-inspired milky, neutral shades of color. Usually at this time of year the light gets a bit more intense, and after several months of low winter light my eyes crave some bright colors, like coral or golden yellow or even hot pink. But not so this year, I'm stuck on light grey. So off I went on my dove-finding mission. Here are some lovely sneakers to pair with those cropped white jeans or wide legged pants, all in shades of grey. Enjoy!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Calatrava's Oculus pavilion is gleaming, glorious and great! @PATHTrain #OculusNYC

Santiago Calatrava's multi-billion dollar transit hub has finally opened in Lower Manhattan, and it is breathtaking! The Westfield Mall shops which will line the perimeter of the oval-shaped Oculus pavilion are not open yet, but it is virtually impossible to take a bad picture in this place.

The gleaming white structure is bathed in natural light which streams through a long, curved skylight, and the luminescence of the Italian marble-clad floor makes the whole space look like it is covered in a sheet of ice. If you are in NYC, get yourself down here and enjoy one of the world's most beautiful – and functional – public spaces.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Lend a Hand of Friendship with Lush Cosmetics! #DayItForward @lushcosmetics

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap on shopalicious.com

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap on shopalicious.com
Today is Monday, February 29th – a day we won't see again for another four years! We could earn a four-year degree in the time that will pass before we see a Leap Year again... but I digress...
What I really want to share is this lushious, gorgeous product from LUSH Cosmetics! This heart-shaped soap in pink/gold has a light, almond scent and is filled with coconut and almond oils. It is a simple luxury that will leave your hands soft and your bathroom sweetly-scented!
Best yet, LUSH is donating 100% of sales of this soap to their Friendship Fund, which will offer help to refugees arriving in North America. Hand of Friendship soaps are $5.95 each from LUSH Cosmetics.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Go Ghana Girls, a mission to send two Ghanian girls to college!

Photo by Tatiana Reis, Go Ghana Girls!
A few weeks ago, my dear friend Tatiana Reis made a trip to Ghana as part of her graduate studies in social work. While doing her work, she met two amazing girls named Grace and Susan.

She was so impressed with these girls and their dignity and desire to seek an education. Only 3% of girls in Ghana actually make it past secondary school; instead they are encouraged to get married very young. Grace wants to be a nurse, and Susan wants to be a teacher.

My friend Tatiana is determined to send them to a 4-year university to receive their degrees.

This is an incredible feat. She has six weeks to raise $18,000 which will pay for 4 years of university for these two girls in Ghana, Africa. Please join and donate to this amazing cause. It's truly going to change the destiny of these two girls and hopefully more to come! Please read Tatiana's story and consider a donation.

Thank you. With warmest affection,



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